I'm Kevin Peter, a software developer currently living near Sacramento, California in the United States.

I currently work for Pixelberry Studios as an engineering manager and software engineer.

I enjoy working with people, particularly people who are way better than I am at something. In my experience, there's nothing more satisfying than collaborating with others to get things done and making some people really happy with the software we built.

I absolutely love learning, and I always have something that I'm learning. Currently, that's Elixir and Go, but previously it's been Python, Node.js, React, and various fun Javascript libraries and frameworks.

My main sources of learning are technology podcasts, videos, books, and various websites that discuss a topic I'm interested in. I find that the podcasts I listen to do a very good job of making me aware of the technologies currently being used and how they are being used.

I enjoy writing, which is why I decided start publishing my writing. I also enjoy teaching people stuff, and I've found that I learn so much more through the process of teaching.

I have a Github page at https://github.com/Maultasche. There you'll find various small projects I've worked on over the years.


I started off with with software development while studying Computer Science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  I also spent some time at the University of Tübingen in Germany. I initially worked with C++ and native Windows applications, transitioning to C# and web development, and more recently Node.js, Typescript, and Java distributed applications and services running on AWS


I really enjoy learning human languages, not just programming languages. In the past I've learned Spanish, Polish, and Hungarian, which I've mostly forgotten due to lack of use.

I still speak pretty good German, and my current project is learning Dutch, which I've been at for a few years now.


I absolutely love history. I enjoy reading books about history, listening to history podcasts, and visiting historical places. I also very much enjoy playing Europa Universalis.


I love traveling with my wife and kids, usually going on a multi-week trip every couple years. In past years, I've traveled to Iceland, Germany, and the Netherlands. We liked the Netherlands so much, we went there twice. We recently went to Newfoundland, an underrated part of Canada, and we have plants to travel to New Zealand. I have a big list of places I'd love to visit, including Australia, Thailand, the Azores, and Norway.

Other Hobbies

I enjoy hiking and going for long, leisurely bike rides. I find the Netherlands a bit of a paradise for bike riding with their fantastic bike paths. I highly recommend trying them out if you ever visit the Netherlands.

Contact Me

I'm be interested in hearing what you have to say. You can contact me at kpeter@inquisitivedeveloper.com or on Twitter at @KevinPeterEG.